Fixed Dome Network Cameras 1MP-HDTV 720p vandal-resistant outdoor AXISP3344VE6MM

Network IP Cameras fixed domes 1MP/HDTV 720p, vandal-resistant, outdoor Varifocal 2.5-6 mm, 87°-40° view, F1.4 Color: 0.3 lux, F1.4, B/W: 0.05 lux, F1.4 P3344VE Axis
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AXISP3344VE6MM - Fixed Dome Network Camera 1MP/HDTV 720p Varifocal 2.5-6mm Vandal-Resistant Outdoor AXIS

Fixed domes for any environment with remote focus and zoom

AXIS P33 Network Cameras constitute a series of indoor and outdoor-ready fixed domes designed for efficient installation. Offering high performance video, including HDTV image quality and multiple H.264 streams, these cameras are ideal for unobtrusive video surveillance in exposed areas such as airports, subways, retail stores, schools and university campuses.
AXIS P33 Series delivers superb video quality in 30 frames per second in full resolution. AXIS P3343 Network Cameras provide SVGA resolution, whereas the AXIS P3344 models offer 1MP, or HDTV 720p in compliance with the SMPTE standard in resolution, color representation and frame rate.
AXIS P33 Network Cameras support automatic day and night functionality with removable infrared-cut filter for increased light sensitivity.
AXIS P33 Series provides multiple, individually configurable video streams in H.264 compression, which greatly optimizes bandwidth and storage without compromising image quality. Motion JPEG is also supported for increased flexibility.
The remote focus feature allows for convenient installation eliminating the need for hands-on focusing at the camera, and the remote zoom and pixel counter features ensure that the camera’s viewing angle is optimized for the scene and pixel resolution.
AXIS P33 Network Cameras range from standard indoor models to vandal-resistant outdoor models, perfectly adapted for harsh environments. All models in AXIS P33 Series have low, environment friendly power consumption, supplied by standard Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af). This is the case even for the weatherproof models that operate in extreme temperatures from -40° to 55° C (-40° to 131 °F).


- High-performance video including HDTV quality
- Multiple H.264 video streams
- Easy installation with remote focus and zoom
- Outdoor-ready models designed for extreme temperatures
- Power over Ethernet


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