Fire sounder, multi tone, shallow base AS363

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Fire sounder, 32 Tones user selectable, shallow base - AS363 UTC Fire & Security
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AS363 - Fire sounder, 32 Tones, shallow base - UTC Fire & Security

The AS363 is a general purpose electronic sounder for fire alarm applications. Which features a special base containing all wiring connections and allow for easy removal/placement of the sounder.
The AS363 alarm sounder allows faster installation and maintenance thanks to an innovative mounting base. Dispensing with the need for locking screws, these sounders use TimeSaver™ bases from the 630 series detectors. Heads are simply locked onto the base with a “twist and click” action, allowing fitting or removal at any time because the base is the only component that needs to be wired. As the cabling requirement is reduced, commissioning time and costs are naturally reduced as well.


- High sound output
- Low current consumption
- 32 Tones user selectable
- Automatic synchronisation
- Volume control
- Anti-Tamper locking mechanism
- Shallow mounting base
- Wiring directly to base
- Two stage alarm
- VdS Approved