Fire sounder, multi tone, deep base, mains powered AS364M

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Sounder, 32 Tones user selectable, deep base, mains powered - AS364M UTC Fire & Security
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AS364M - Fire sounder, 32 Tones, deep base, mains powered - UTC Fire & Security

The AS364M is a general purpose electronic sounder for alarm applications.
The AS364M provide high sound output at a low current, thus reducing power requirements and system cost. The AS364M sounder is supplied with a volume control as standard, allowing final audio adjustments to be made during installation.
With a choice of 32 different tones (see tones table in manual), which are switch selectable, the required tone can be selected during installation.
The mechanism for locking the sounder to the base, can be activated if required. Once activated, a special tool is required to remove the sounder from the base.


- High sound output
- 32 Tones user selectable
- Automatic syncronisation
- Volume control
- Anti-Tamper locking mechanism
- Deep mouting base