Fire sounder, hazardous area, multi tone, horn AS374

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Fire sounder, ATEX hazardous area, 32 Tones user selectable, horn, IP67 Marine grade housing - AS374 UTC Fire & Security
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AS374 - ATEX Fire sounder, Hazardous area, 32 Tones user selectable, IP67 Marine grade housing - UTC Fire & Security

The AS374 is a hazardous area electronic sounder for use in hazardous areas, to provide an audible warning signal in case of fire. It carries EExd IIC T4 rating, and has a marine grade aluminium housing with IP67 rating.
The AS374 is ATEX approved with ExII 2G and EExd IIC T4 ratings. It is housed in marine grade aluminium, and offers IP67 ingress protection.
The AS374 provide a high sound output level, which ensures that it can be used indoor and outdoor. The AS374 sounder is supplied with a volume control as standard, allowing final audio adjustments to be made during installation. This allows of the output level to be reduced, when the sounder is used indoors.
With a choice of 32 different tones (see tones table in manual), which are switch selectable, the required tone can be selected during installation. A second and third tone, is available if extra wires are installed in the sounder circuit.


- ATEX approved
- EExd IIC T4 rating
- 32 Tones user selectable
- 2nd and 3rd stage alarm
- IP67
- High output