Fire Control Panel Repeater SYNCRO VIEW with Key, no power supply K67001M1

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SKU: K67001M1
Local LCD Fire Control Panel Repeater with Key, no power supply for Kentec Fire Detection Panel SYNCRO VIEW K67001M1
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K67001M1 - Local LCD Fire Control Panel Repeater for Kentec Fire Detection Panel, with key, no power supply SYNCHRO VIEW Kentec

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in a quality controlled environment the Syncro VIEW fire alarm annunciator provides a simple and convenient method of extending the controls and indications of the Syncro fire control panel to other locations.
The large, graphic liquid crystal display and high brightness LED indicators duplicate the indications on the Syncro fire control panel at up to 15 additional locations via a simple, two-wire serial data connection.
The Syncro VIEW is available in either a 24V DC powered option (which can be powered via an additional 2 cores from the Syncro Fire control panel/local 24V DC supply) or a 230V powered option with local battery back up.
Syncro VIEW is housed in a small enclosure which is styled similarly to the Syncro fire control panel and is ideal for installations where a large control panel would be detrimental to decor such as entrance halls.
Up to 15 Syncro VIEW annunciators can be connected to each fire control panel on the Syncro network making VIEW ideal where multiple points of indication and/or control are required such as nurses stations or shop units.


- Up to 15 annunciators can be connected to each Syncro, Syncro Response or Syncro AS fire control panel.
- Large liquid crystal display (240 x 64 pixels)
- High brightness LED indications
- Internal sounder
- Replicates all Syncro panel controls
- Simple, two-wire serial connection
- Small, Syncro style enclosure
- Removable electronics for easy installation
- 24V DC or 230V AC power options
- Low power consumption
- Multi language options
- Connection monitored by Syncro fire control panel


  • Construction : 1.2mm mild sheet steel
  • Finish : Epoxy powder coated
  • Colour - lid & box : BS 00 A 05 grey - fine texture
  • Colour - controls plate & labels : RAL 7047 light grey - satin
  • Display : 8 lines of 40 characters graphic LCD
  • Cable entry : 5 x 20mm knockouts in top of box and 5 in rear
  • 24V supply : 21 to 30V DC
  • Mains supply fuse : 2 Amp, 20mm
  • Power supply rating : 28V 750mA total (including battery charging)
  • Maximum ripple current : 200 millivolts
  • Battery type (Yuasa NP) : Two 12 Volt 1.9Ah sealed lead acid in series
  • Battery charge voltage : 27.6VDC nominal
  • Battery charge current : 200mA maximum
  • Battery fuse : 200mA, 20mm, glass
  • Maximum current draw from batteries : 95mA
  • Quiescent current of panel in mains fail : 0.03 Amps
  • Serial data connection : 2 core RS485 (Up to 1200 metres total cable length)
  • Maximum terminal capacity : 2.5mm©
  • Dimension : 330 x 255 x 90 mm