FAAST-LT Stand Alone - 1 channel with 1 laser detector FL0111E

SKU: FL0111E
Stand Alone Aspirating Smoke Detector 1 channel with 1 laser detector FAAST-LT FL0111E System Sensor
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FL0111E - FAAST-LT Stand Alone - 1 channel with 1 laser detector - System Sensor

FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology®

FAAST LT delivers a flexible solution for applications where standard detection methods are prone to failure or false alarm.
Designed with the installer and end user in mind, the device serves a wide variety of EN54-20 Class C applications where maintenance is difficult, other smoke detection methods are inappropriate, due to harsh environments, or areas where aesthetics matters.
Loop based FAAST LT detectors offer ultimate flexibility in terms of connectivity with the overall fire system and the stand alone FAAST LT serves remote applications where stand alone detectors are needed. The device is fast to install, easy to configure and includes installation and commissioning software PipeIQ LT.


  • Multiple event logging up to 2240 events
  • Ultrasonic airflow sensing
  • PipeIQ™LT software provides intuitive system layout and configuration all in one package
  • User friendly air flow pendulum graph for verification of pipe network functionality
  • Protected electronics from air flow and accidental damage during installation or maintenance
  • Easily replaceable and reusable filter without affecting the rest of the device
  • Designed for efficient wiring and installation: cable gland holes, easy access to the wiring area and no special tools required.
  • Easy access to parts requiring routine maintenance: filter(s) or sensors(s).
  • Single & Dual channel versions with independent channels including fan, sensor and flow monitoring
  • IP65 enclosure