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Centrale de détection et d'extinction incendie Sigma ZXT - Kentec - Extinguishant Fire Detection panel Sigma ZXTCentrale de détection et d'extinction incendie Sigma ZXT - Kentec - Extinguishant Fire Detection panel Sigma ZXT

Extinguishant Fire Detection Panel S2.6A SIGMA ZXT

Single Area, 3 conventional detection zones Extinguishant Fire Detection panel, standard enclosure, 2.6A power supply SIGMA ZXT Kentec K192311XM2
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K192311XM2 - Extinguishant Fire Detection Panel, standard enclosure, 2.6A Power supply SIGMA ZXT Kentec

Early warning fire extinguishant systems and detection technology can detect a fire and automatically release a fire suppression agent to eliminate fire within seconds. Stopping a fire within the first few moments minimises damage to equipment and assets and subsequent loss of operational productivity.

For many businesses, the right protection not only needs to protect your investment but also ensure uninterrupted business operations.

A development of its proven Sigma XT range, the Sigma ZXT provides controls and indications for a single-area extinguishing release system,enabling targeted extinguishing that limits damage and reduces costs. Three conventional detection zones provide the alarm ‘trigger’ required to activate the release of extinguishant, and the system can be configured to release the extinguishant on an alarm from any single zone or combination of multiple zones.

The Sigma ZXT has an event log which records event data from the panel such as alarms, faults, configuration changes etc. along with a time and date stamp. This historical visibility is critical for diagnostics, identifying the cause of alarms and faults, as well as reasons for activations. Up to 1000 events can be stored within the panel which can be viewed through the LCD, or can be downloaded and saved using Kentec’s Loop Explorer 2 software.

The system, compliant with EN54-2, EN54-4 & EN12094-1, can also be configured to provide two extinguishing outputs, either working together as common outputs or as main and reserve outputs. The latter results in the connection to two sets of extinguishing gas cylinders, which enables the customer to return a system to a functional state, quickly, following a release.

A sophisticated, dynamic LCD, which supplements the LED status indicators, provides detailed information on panel status including fault conditions, alarm conditions and extinguishing release countdown. If dynamic mode is chosen, the display changes colour in relation to the panel status, providing immediate and clear visibility of status conditions. While not in dynamic mode, the LCD will be white regardless of status.

To complement the Sigma ZXT there is a range of Sigma ZSi status indicators which match the look of the Sigma ZXT panel fascia. Status units can be located at any access point to the risk area notifying approaching persons of system status, as well as providing optional Auto/Manual key switches and Manual Release push-buttons.

Sigma ZXT continues to be backward compatible with Sigma SI status units and ancillary boards allowing easy upgrade of existing Sigma XT installations.


  • Secure event logging 1000 events
  • Single area extinguishing panel
  • Dual extinguishing outputs with main/reserve configuration option
  • Dynamic LCD Display
  • Compatible with I.S. barriers
  • Non-latching zone input option to receive signals from other systems such as aspirating equipment
  • Countdown timer displays time remaining until release
  • Supports up to seven, Sigma ZSi four-wire status indicators (also compatible with Sigma SI status units for retrofit applications)
  • Supports up to seven XT ancilliary output boards
  • Larger enclosure option is available
  • Approved and certified to EN12094-1, EN54-2 and EN54-4
  • Four configurable User passwords can identify who has accessed the panel and what changes were

 Available in option : Fascia label in Romanian, Turkish, Icelandic, German, French, Spanish, Czech, Greek


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