Enhanced Calibration Keypad with OLED display STSCKD-OLED

315,00 €
Handhelp Enhanced calibration keypad with OLED display to be connected to the detector SMART3 Sensitron to adjust the Zero, Span and 4-20mA values STS/CKD-OLED
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STS/CKD-OLED - Enhanced calibration keypad with OLED display and SD-CARD slot

It can be connected to SENSITRON’S SMART detectors to adjust the Zero, Span and 4-20 mA values.
This version offers enhanced features like:
- visualization of the instantaneous concentration in graphic format;
- possibility to monitor the detector trend and download the data stored in the SD-CARD
- detector’s firmware update via SD-CARD (feature not enabled on old SMART3G and NC detector)

The calibration keypad STG can be used for all the gas detectors of Sensitron s.r.l.
The calibration keypad is supplied with an adapter for connection to SMART P detectors.
The calibration keypad enables the following (The mentioned operations are function of the gas detector in use) :

  • Zero calibration;
  • Span calibration;
  • 4-20 ma output calibration;
  • To change the alarm thresholds and its hysteresis;
  • To reset the device;
  • To couple detector with the sensor head “Head pairing”;
  • To change or visualize only the Baud Rate;
  • To set the address of the RS485 bus;
  • To show the firmware version of the detector;