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Enclosed Conventional Heat Detector, Weatherproof IP67, 72°C, Class BS - 6296

Enclosed Conventional Heat Detector, Weatherproof IP67, 72°C, Class BS (69 to 85°C) - 6296

6296 - Conventional Weatherproof Heat Detector 72°C Class BS

Heat detectors are normally used in rooms where the temperature can be expected to rise rapidly in case of a fire, or in places where smoke detectors cannot be used. The 6000 series heat detectors are intended for outdoor or indoor use in high humidity areas.

Fixed Temperature Alarm Level

The 6000 series detectors are conventional fixed temperature heat detectors, i.e. they will give an alarm within a response temperature range in accordance with EN54-5:2000. The sensing element is a heat pick-up shield and a bimetal switch. An LED on the detector (not available on the 6298) will light up when the detector activates. All detectors support an output for a remote indicator.

The following types are available (static response temperature, class & EN54-5 temperature range):
• 6295, 57°C, class A2 S (54 to 70°C)
• 6296, 72°C, class B S (69 to 85°C)
• 6297, 87°C, class C S (84 to 100°C)
• 6298, 117°C, class E S (114 to 130°C)


All electronic componets are mounted in a grey waterproof detector housing and fitted to the supplied connection box. The connection box has three cable inlets. Three compression glands and a silicon gasket for IP67 protection are supplied with the product.
All detectors are provided with three pairs of flying leads with female push-on connectors to connect the zone line cables (in / out) and the remote indicator.


  • Fixed temperature alarm level
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • Atex classification : II 3 G Ex ic IIC T5 Gc,​ II 3 D Ex ic IIIC T100°C Dc -40°C ≤ Ta ≤ 65°C / EN 60079-0:2009,​ EN 60079-11:2012


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