EN54 Alarmline II Digital LHD Cable 88°C w/ PVC Sheath ADE88-0100

SKU: ADE88-0100
EN54 Digital Linear Heat Detection (LHD) cable 88°C with PVC Sheath Alarmline II, 100m - ADE88-0100
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ADE88-0100 - EN54 Alarmline II Digital LHD Cable 88°C w/ PVC Sheath - 100m

The ADE88-0100 is a Digital Linear Heat Detection (LHD) cable with a 88°C fixed temperature activation rating. The ADE range of digital sensor cables provides a very simple fixed temperature heat detection system which can be used in many applications where other forms of detection are not suitable.

The ADE range of digital LHD cables contains a pair of twisted, low resistance, tri-metallic conductors sheathed with advanced temperature sensitive polymers. The cable operates by softening the insulation of the conductors, the tension of the twisted conductors then causes the two cores to fuse together. The sensor cable is used in combination with the controller and end-of-line (EOL) unit, and can connected to any fire monitoring equipment through any monitored input i.e. conventional detection zone or addressable interface unit to signal an alarm condition.

Alarm location
The control unit can identify along the length of the sensor cable where an alarm condition has occurred. The alarm location is then indicated on the display of the controller. Both zone are displayed at the same time.

Cable fixings for all applications
A range of 'edge' ,'A' , 'P' , and 'T' clips allow the cable to be properly installed. The clips provide heat insulation as well as holding the cable at the correct distance from cable trays, steel works, ceilings and walls.


  • EN54-28:2016 approved
  • Low-Smoke Zero Halogen
  • Up to 1000m
  • Detection along total cable length
  • Flame retardant
  • Simple low maintenance installation
  • RoHS compliant