Electronic Smoke Detector Test Kit & Removal Kit 6 Metres SOLO911Electronic Smoke & Cordless Heat Detector Test Set 6 Metres SOLO922
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SOLO923 - Kit Testeur Electronique Détecteur fumée & Chaleur sans fil 9.3m - Electronic Smoke & Cordless Heat Detector Test Set 9.3mSOLO923 - Kit Testeur Electronique Détecteur fumée & Chaleur sans fil 9.3m - Electronic Smoke & Cordless Heat Detector Test Set 9.3m

Electronic Smoke & Cordless Heat Detector Test Set 9.3 Metres SOLO923

A test kit with the Electronic Smoke detector tester SOLO365, Cordless Heat Detector Tester, Removal Tool and Access pole 9.3 metres - SOLO 923 - No Climb
2327,92 €
2327,92 €
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SOLO923 - Electronic Smoke & Cordless Heat Detector Test Set 9.3 Metres - No Climb

A smoke & heat detector test kit, including removal tool, carry case and access pole for accessing detectors at heights up to 9 metres.

Faster, Simpler, Cleaner More detectors More places functional testing of smoke detectors

As market leaders with 30+ years’ experience, we understand the need for reliable test solutions that keep track with technological developments – without compromising on the standards set by existing solutions.

Solo 365 is true to this belief – it’s lighter to use, quicker to test, suitable for more applications and almost impossible to over-apply – eliminating the risk of detector contamination.

This new method of smoke generation takes Solo – the industry’s most trusted brand – to the next level. Solo 365 offers everything the industry expects from the Solo brand, pairing it with the very latest technology and wrapping it in a new modern slim-line design and incorporates non-hazardous, non-pressurised cartridges.

Engineered to be compatible with the increasing number of sophisticated detectors now available, Solo 365 also overcomes the regulatory issues associated with pressurised aerosol canisters.

Every day use

Building on the qualities within the Solo brand Solo 365 is designed and built to withstand the demands of regular use – offering unrivalled benefits to users every day. 
• Engineered for frequent, every day use 
• Compatible with Solo access poles 
• User replaceable consumables (no service requirement) 
• Easier handling – 15% lighter than aerosol can and dispenser

• Eliminates risk of contamination 
• Easy handling, storage & transportation 
• Complies with latest regulations 
• Controlled delivery via cartridges

Key features 
• ‘Auto-start’ - proximity sensor automatically initiates test 
• ‘Delayed start’ mode - for non-standard detectors and ASD testing 
• Flexible head - easy testing of hard-toaccess detectors 
• LED Auto-torch - for testing in dark areas 
• Clearing mode – for eliminating re-alarms


• Quicker movement around site 
• Faster testing of detectors 
• Test hard-to-access detectors easily

• 15% lighter than Solo 330 – easy movement around site 
• Slim-line design – allows easy access to hard-to-access detectors 
• Auto LED torch – for simple testing in dark environments

• Clearing mode – prevents re-alarms 
• On-demand smoke – less wastage and risk of contamination 
• Non-pressurised cartridge – no propellant that contributes to global warming

Kit Contains: