Duct Detector Housing with Standard Base

Duct Adapter for detector Aurora, Vega or Sagittarius Argus Security
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DDH1 - Box for Duct Smoke Detector Aurora, Vega or Sagittarius Argus Security

The Duct Smoke Detector provides early warning of smoke by continually sampling air movement within heating and ventilation ducts in industrial or commercial premises.

The duct smoke detector provides switching facilities to shut down associated fans to prevent the spread of smoke into other areas.

DDH series has been designed to detect smoke in ventilation and combines an optical intelligent or conventional smoke detector, housing and sampling tube.

DDH series has been designed to allow optimum airflow through the optical smoke detector.

DDH series is recommended for installations in ducts with low airflow and will operate in air speed of 0.5m/s to 20m/s.

The box DDH1 does not contain detector or tube air sampling (To order separately).

Compatible detectors :
- S100 ou S1000 (Conventional optical detector)
- V100 ou VL100 (Intelligent optical detector)
- SG100 (Wireless optical detector)

The tube air sampling is available in 3 lengths : 0.6m, 1.5m ou 2.8m

DDH Bracket available for circular or rectangular ducts


- One-tube air sampling system
- New design sampling tube
- Test hole on cover
- Simple installation
- Sensitive flow indicator
- Filter for dusty environments
- Simple service and maintenance
- Installer friendly cables connections
- Easy mounting of sampling tube