Digital ROR Thermal Ivory Detector with Isolator MIRHSES2IIV

Digital Rate of Rise Thermal Detector with Isolator - Ivory - MI-RHSE-S2I-IV Morley-IAS
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MI-RHSE-S2I-IV - Digital Rate of Rise Thermal Detector with Isolator - Ivory - Morley-IAS

The MI-RHSE-S2 uses the same thermistor and microprocessor technology to provide an alarm when the rate of rise in temperature exceeds 10°C/minute (typical) or if the temperature exceeds a thresholds of 58°C (Response class A1R). With the implementation of the Advanced Protocol, any model can be software configured to be either a fixed 58°C, a fixed 78°C unit or a 58°C with rate of rise device. For backwards compatibility and approval continuity, three separate versions continue to be available as separate part numbers.

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MI-RHSE-S2I-IV - Digital ROR Thermal  Detector with Isolator - Ivory
MI-RHSE-S2 - Digital RORThermal Detector - Pure white
MI-RHSE-S2-IV - Digital ROR Thermal Detector - Ivory
BCK-200REAP - Black detector cover for Thermal MI200-S2 detector


- New mechanical platform with revolutionary chamber
- Includes advanced protocol
- Available with standard short circuit isolator with status control using the advanced protocol
- Tri colour LED offering red, green and amber colour
- Rotary decade address switches 0-159
- Pure white colour to complement modern buildings
- 100% mechanical and electrical backwards compatibility
- New base design to complement the detector
- Certified Bosec, LPCB and Vds following EN54


  • Weight : 88g (without base)
  • Dimensions : 102 mm x 61 mm in base B501AP
  • Approved to EN54-5 Class A1S, EN54-17
  • CPD number : 0786-CPD-20742