Digital Multi (O/T/IR) Detector Ivory with Isolator MIPTIRS2IIV

Digital Multi-criteria Multi-sensor Optical/Thermal/Infrared Detector with Isolator - Ivory - MI-PTIR-S2I-IV Morley-IAS
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MI-PTIR-S2I-IV - Digital Multi-criteria Multi-sensor Optical/Thermal/Infrared Detector with Isolator - Ivory - Morley-IAS

The MI-PTIR-S2 multi-criteria, multi-sensor Photo Thermal Infra Red detector is the environmentally friendly alternative to the ionisation detector, a technology that is now over sixty years old. The MI-PTIR-S2 offers comparable speed of response to the ionisation technology for a fast flaming fire and is less susceptible to false alarms. It can be deployed with confidence in locations where the main risk from fast-developing flaming fires. MI-PTIR-S2 moves the goalposts in the fight against false alarms in the core detector space by delivering enhanced false alarm immunity. In addition to being an effective alternative to ionisation units, MI-PTIR-S2 offers better performance over the alternative technologies of dual angle or dual wavelength optical detectors and photo-thermal detectors.

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MI-PTIR-S2I-IV - Digital Optical/Thermal/Infrared Detector with Isolator - Ivory
MI-PTIR-S2 - Digital Optical/Thermal/Infrared Detector - Pure white
MI-PTIR-S2-IV - Digital Optical/Thermal/Infrared Detector - Ivory
BCK-200TEMAP - Black detector cover for PTIR MI200-S2 detector


- New mechanical platform with revolutionary chamber
- Includes advanced protocol
- Available with standard short circuit isolator with status control using the advanced protocol
- Tri colour LED offering red, green and amber colour
- Rotary decade address switches 0-159
- Pure white colour to complement modern buildings
- 100% mechanical and electrical backwards compatibility
- New base design to complement the detector
- Certified Bosec, LPCB and Vds following EN54


  • Weight : 102g (base inc)
  • Dimensions : 102 mm x 63 mm in base B501AP
  • Approved to EN54-7, EN54-17, EN54-5
  • CPD number : 0786-CPD-20737