Conventional Optical Smoke Beam Detector 6500R

SKU: 6500R
200 Plus Series Conventional Optical Smoke Beam Detector with Bosec approval 6500R System Sensor, Morley-IAS
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6500R - Conventional Optical Smoke Beam Detector with BOSEC approval SYSTEM SENSOR

The 6500RS and 6500R are conventional reflector- type linear optical beam smoke detectors designed to operate as components of conventional fire alarm systems. They operate primarily on the principle of light obscuration utilising an Infra-Red beam. Optical beam smoke detectors are particularly appropriate for protecting buildings with large open spaces such as warehouses, atriums etc.

The detector can be adjusted up to 10° vertically and horizontally for alignment. Where greater angular adjustment is required, the multi-mount accessory enables the detector to move through 28° vertically and 360° horizontally when ceiling mounted or up to 23° vertically and 90° horizontally when wall mounted.

All System Sensor products are covered by our extended 3 year warranty.


- Bosec approved
- Microprocessor based products provide a more intelligent solution
- Special algorithms provide both a constant sensitivity level between service intervals and eliminate spurious alarms resulting from electrical noise
- Photo–thermal model provides outstanding protection
- Laser-based remote test unit – no need for ladders and towers
- EN54 Certified (2000 edition)
- Photoelectric, photo–thermal and thermal detectors
- Improved chamber design minimises the effects of dust contamination
- 8 to 30VDC operating voltage range provides compatibility with both fire and security systems
- -30 to +70°C operating temperature range
- Choice of bases (including a 12V relay version)
- Automatic drift compensation