CP100 - Bouton d’alerte conventionnel AURORA type CP100 - Bouton d’alerte conventionnel AURORA type "Vitre à briser" réarmable, Conventional Manual Call Point

Conventional Manual Call Point

Conventional Manual Call Point AURORA Red with Status indicator CP100 Argus Security

CP100 - Red Manual Call Point AURORA Argus Security

CP100 is a unique fire alarm manual call point that mimics the feel of breaking glass whilst offering the user the benefits and safety advantages of glass-free resettable operating element. Once activated a warning flag drops in to view easily identifying the call point that has been operated. A key can then reset the unit. The 'Reset' provides an ideal solution for most conventional fire alarm system. It is ideal for industries that are sensitive to broken glass as well as areas that suffer from high numbers of false activations such as schools, shopping centres and other public places.


- Designed to meet the standard EN54-11 and the low voltage directive 72/23/EEC
- Status indicator


  • Wire gauge for the terminals : 0,5 a 2,5 mm©
  • Temperature : -30°C a +70°C
  • Humidity : 5 a 85% RH
  • IP rating : IP54
  • Color : Red

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