Conventional Controller for Analogue Linear Heat Cable DT650L

Conventional Controller for Analogue Linear Heat Cable DT650L - UTC Fire & Security
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DT650L - Conventional Controller for Analogue Linear Heat Cable - UTC Fire & Security

The sensor cable surveillance system allows the early detection of a fire by detecting the overheating of conveyor belts, cable ducts or road tunnels, etc. It can be installed on the
ceiling or in a cable duct. The sensor cable occupies little space and detects heat changes even under harsh environmental conditions where other fire detection systems may not be sufficiently resistant to causing false alarms.
The system consists of the sensor cable (coaxial cable), the DT650L or DT950L controller and the terminal box.
The sensor cable consists of an inner and outer conductors in the form of wire mesh. The insulation between the two conductors is a plastic material with negative temperature
coefficients. At the end of the sensor cable the conductors are attached to a terminal box with a termination resistor.
The entire circuit is constantly monitored for open and short circuits, whereupon a fault is reported.
In the event of a temperature change there is a corresponding change in the electrical resistance between the two conductors. The resistance decreases with increasing temperature.
The sensor cable is available with standard polyester sheath with a Rilsan sheath, resistant to acids and alkalis, and a stainless steel sheath that has a very high mechanical strength. It is also available with a combined Rilsan / stainless steel sheath.
ATTENTION : If the sensor cable is heated above 150°C the part can no longer be used for detection and must be replaced.


  • Linear heat alarm.
  • Sensor cable up to 300 m may be used (dependant on ambient temperature).
  • Temperature increases are detected in proportion to the length of cable heated.
  • The sensor cable is stable against mechanical and chemical influences, corrosion, moisture and dust.
  • Easy and economical to install.
  • Easy to use and no special tools required.
  • The alarm display complies with DIN 14 623 – parallel display for fire alarms.
  • VdS approval applied for.
  • DT650L for connection to conventional fire panels.