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ClipSens PRO CO2 - Détecteur de Dioxyde de Carbone Portable - CO2 gas portable monitorClipSens PRO CO2 - Détecteur de Dioxyde de Carbone Portable - CO2 gas portable monitor

CO2 gas portable monitor ClipSens PRO CO2

Portable Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector, CO2 Gas Detector 0-50000 ClipSens PRO CO2 - Sensotran

CS-012-00 -  Carbon Dioxide gas Portable Monitor 0 to 5 % vol (0 to 50 000 ppm) ClipSens Pro- Sensotran

The ClipSens PRO CO2 is a single gas sustainable gas monitor designed to detect Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the ambient environment. The ClipSens PRO CO2 is sustainable, hence its battery and sensor can be replaced. When the device is turned on, the ClipSens PRO CO2 continuously monitors ambient air for the presence of CO2 and alerts the user to potentially unsafe exposure with LED, vibrating and audible alarms. After use the instrument can be turned off. With an excellent battery life of 14 days and a recharge time of only 100 minutes, the ClipSens PRO CO2 offers great versatility for any user.

The ClipSens PRO CO2 is easy to wear, the backside of the device has a strong metal clip (alligator clip) to secure the monitor to a shirt, belt, or helmet. It features a fully-fledged data log to log the current reading at one-minute intervals. The device is easy to calibrate or bump test manually. To stop the ClipSens PRO CO2 from measuring, is either by turning it off or by entering the calibration mode.


• Infrared non-dispersive sensor (NDIR)
• Li-ion rechargeable battery
• 14 days battery life, full recharge in 100 minutes
• Measured in %vol and ppm
• Backlit display
• Interchangeable international wall plug kit
• Easy configuration and data management via PC
• Configurable bump test, calibration, and self-test warning
• Rugged durable impact proof housing


  • Food and beverage industries
  • Laboratories
  • Health Science
  • Refrigeration
  • Packaging industry
  • Greenhouse facilities


 Gas Detector type : Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector, CO2 Gas Detector

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