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Double détecteur de Gaz SMART P2 Dual Gas detectorDouble détecteur de Gaz SMART P2 Dual Gas detector

Carbon Monoxide Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Detector S2400CO-ND

Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector (CO) 0-300 ppm and Nitogen Dioxide Gas Detector (NO2) 0-30 ppm - RS485 serial output - Electrochemical cell - SMART P-1 Sensitron Dust Proof Enclosure for Car Parks S2400CO-ND

S2400CO-ND - CARBON MONOXIDE gas Detector (CO) 0-300 ppm and NITROGEN DIOXIDE gas Detector (NO2) 0-30 ppm - RS485 serial output - Electrochemical cell - Dust Proof Enclosure SMART P-2 for Car Parks

The SMART P2 gas detector is designed to be installed in car parks and simultaneously detect CO and NO2 gases or CO and petrol vapours. It is compliant with the EN 50545-1 standard, which defines the requirements for the detection of CO and NO2 in car parks and tunnels.
For the detection of toxic gases (CO and NO2) the electrochemical cell is used and is housed in the polycarbonate head. The catalytic sensor is used to detect petrol vapours, which guarantees excellent linearity up to 100% LFL. This sensor is placed in an aluminum head, which can be remoted with a maxiumum distance of 1.5m.
The EN 50545-1 standard describes the values of the alarm thresholds for CO and NO2, moreover the activation of the alarms is a function of the time-weighted average of the detected gas concentration.
The SMART P2 has a 12-24 Vdc power supply and an RS485 digital signal output. The detectors are housed in polycarbonate enclosures complete with two M20 cable glands.


  • Double sensor gas detector: CO+NO2 & CO+Petrol vapours
  • Standard RS485 communication
  • zero tracking to maintain the zero point steady from possible drifts
  • Ongoing system self diagnosis
  • Easy sensor replacement
  • 12-24 Vdc power supply
  • To be connected to MULTISCAN++PARK ONLY



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