Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector - Explosion Proof Enclosure Version S3913CO

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Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector, CO Gas Detector, Carbonyl Gas Detector 0-500 ppm 4-20mA - Electrochemical Cell - SMART3G-G1 Sensitron Explosion Proof Enclosure Group 1 M2 areas S3913CO

S3913CO - CARBON MONOXIDE Gas Detector (CO) 0-500 ppm, 4-20mA - Electrochemical Cell - Explosion Proof Enclosure Version SMART3G-G1 Group 1 M2 areas (Tunnels and Mines)

S3913CO SMART3G gas detectors are employed to detect Carbon Monoxide Gas, CO, Carbon monooxide, Carbonous oxide, Carbon(II) oxide, Carbonyl Gas compounds (ppm) in classified areas.

SMART3G-GrI gas detectors are employed to detect the presence of flammable and toxic gases in mines, tunnels and areas classified as Group I.
The SMART3G-GrI line has been designed to offer a wide range of alternatives that grant customers the best solution to their specific requirements.
Also available with front display, SMART3G-GrI-D offers a 4 digits backlit display and 5 mode status LEDs for the gas concentration reading. This series features non-intrusive magnetic calibration for an accurate and easy calibration via Hall-effect switches, without opening the instrument and declassifying the area.
SMART3G-GrI detectors are ATEX certified for Group I.


  • Non-intrusive one man calibration (display version)
  • Easy sensor replacement
  • Wide range of sensors and detectable gases
  • Standard 4-20 mA 3 wires output
  • Wide range of accessories for installation and maintenance
  • Zero tracking and system self diagnosis
  • ATEX certified Group I


- Tunnels and mines

Gas Detector type : Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector, CO Gas Detector, Carbon monooxide Gas Detector, Carbonous oxide Gas Detector, Carbon(II) oxide Gas Detector, Carbonyl Gas Detector