SOLOC6-001 - Aérosol de test pour Alarme de monoxyde de carbone SOLO Carbon Monoxide Alarm TesterSOLOC6-001 - Aérosol de test pour Alarme de monoxyde de carbone SOLO Carbon Monoxide Alarm Tester

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Tester SOLOC6

Solo C6 Carbon Monoxide Alarm Tester with straw - No Climb products
18,31 €
18,31 €
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Solo C6 - Carbon Monoxide Alarm Tester, with straw - No Climb

The need for carbon monoxide testers has increased in recent years, thanks to widespread media coverage focusing on the danger of CO, often referred to as the ‘silent killer’. More and more domestic properties – including rentals – now have carbon monoxide alarms installed, and these too should be tested.
Regulations have also been introduced that CO alarms in rented accommodation to be installed and tested by the landlord. Our Solo C6 aerosol has been developed for testing these alarms – designed for hand-held use; it comes complete with a straw that allows for functional testing of domestic carbon monoxide alarms.
Solo C6 provides a fast and simple way of carrying out a functional test of CO fire alarms by introducing a genuine CO sample into the sensor – proving it will activate in the case of an alarm.


  • Genuine, non-flammable CO gas
  • Fast test and reset time – tests in seconds
  • Controllable delivery – hand-held use
  • Safe – poses no risk to user or those close by
  • Product Code: Solo C6-001




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