AS368 Sirène de socle, multi-tonalités, rouge - Base sounder, multi tone, redAS368 Sirène de socle, multi-tonalités, rouge - Base sounder, multi tone, red

Base sounder, multi tone, red AS368

Base sounder, 32 Tones user selectable, High sound output - AS368 UTC Fire & Security

AS368 - Base sounder 32 Tones, high sound output - UTC Fire & Security

The AS368 is an extremely efficient base sounder that offers ultra-low power consumption. It offers a universal detector mounting platform for installation underneath any detector, but also allows the optional fitment of a blanking cover, to turn the unit into a slim and unobtrusive stand alone sounder.
The AS368 provide high sound output at a low current, thus reducing power requirements and system cost. The AS368 sounder is supplied with a volume control as standard, allowing final audio adjustments to be made during installation.
With a choice of 32 different tones (see tones table in manual), which are switch selectable, the required tone can be selected during installation.


- Universal fixing platform for detector bases
- Low current consumption
- Blank cover for use as a stand alone sounder
- Reduced installation costs
- Two large cable entries
- High sound output
- Automatic synchronisation
- 32 Tones user selectable

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