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NFX-OPT-IV - Détecteur de fumée Optique Analogique Opal Ivoire Protocole NOTIFIER Analogue Photoelectric Smoke Detector OpalNFX-OPT-IV - Détecteur de fumée Optique Analogique Opal Ivoire Protocole NOTIFIER Analogue Photoelectric Smoke Detector Opal

Analogue Photoelectric Smoke Detector Opal NFX-OPT-IV

Analogue Photoelectric Smoke Detector Yvory Opal NFX-OPT-IV Smoke Detector NOTIFIER

NFX-OPT-IV - Analogue Photoelectric Smoke Detector Opal NOTIFIER

The Opal photoelectric smoke detector has a completely new detection chamber design, the result of many years of research and development. This delivers improved responsiveness, reduced sensitivity changes caused by settling dust and reduced false alarms resulting from ingress of insect and other debris. The plug-in unit uses sophisticated processing circuitry that incorporates smoothing filters to help eliminate transient environmental noise conditions that can be the cause of unwanted alarms. The smoke detector is managed by embedded software running complex algorithms that further improve resilience to false alarms and improve detection speed.
The Opal NFX-OPT smoke detector has two integral tricolour LEDs that provide 360© local visual indication of the device status.
The LEDs are programmable with static or blinking red, amber and green status indications available.


- Available with or without short circuit isolation
- New advanced Opal protocol allows mapping of the loop for precise fault location using isolators
- Tri colour LED offering red, green and amber colours
- Rotary decade address switches
- Pure white colour to complement modern buildings
- 100% mechanical and electrical backwards compatibility
- New base design to complement the smoke detector and ease installation and wiring


  • Operating Voltage Range : 15 to 32Vdc
  • Max. Standby Current : 200uA @ 24Vdc (no communications), 300uA @ 24Vdc (LED blink enabled, once every 5 seconds)
  • LED Current : Red: 3.5mA @ 24Vdc, Green: 7.0mA @ 24Vdc, Yellow: 10.5mA @ 24Vdc
  • Remote Output Voltage : 22.5Vdc @ 24Vdc
  • Remote Output Current : 10.8mA @ 24Vdc
  • Additional loop resistance using the B501AP : typ 20mohm (max 30 mohm)
  • Temperature Range : -30°C to +70°C*
  • Humidity : 10 to 93% relative humidity (non-condensing)


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