Analogue linear heat cable, Rilsan coating HC650R

Analogue linear heat cable, Rilsan coating HC650R - UTC Fire & Security
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HC650R - Analogue linear heat cable, Rilsan coating - UTC Fire & Security

The HC650 Rilsan coated cable is suitable for protection from chemicals. The cable is also available in other outer sheaths: PVC covered for indoor non-corrosive conditions, stainless steel covered for mechanical strength, and stainless steel plus Rilsan covered for mechanical and chemical protection.
The HC600 series of analogue linear heat cable can be used in many applications not suitable for conventional heat detectors. The cable is particularly suitable for applications such as coal conveyors, power cable tunnels, and cable trays. A rapid response to temperature conforming to heat class C or D operation is obtained when using the DT650L or DT950L cable controllers. The system is VDS approved using these controllers.


  • Conventional and analogue addressable controllers
  • Monitoring at the point of risk
  • Ease of installation
  • Reliable and durable
  • Cable re-usable after alarm
  • Ideal for 'smokeless' fires - overheating cables
  • Class C or class D heat grade
  • VdS approved when using the DT650L and DT950L controllers