Analogue High Sensitivity Laser Smoke Detector 7251

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Analogue High Sensitivity Laser Smoke Detector 7251 Smoke detector with SYSTEM SENSOR Protocol
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7251 - Analogue High Sensitivity Laser Smoke Detector with SYSTEM SENSOR Protocol

The Pinnacle high sensitivity 'laser' based intelligent smoke detector is a unique offering from System Sensor that provides extremely high sensitivity to fire conditions, by detecting the earliest particles of combustion. This is achieved by combining a patented optical chamber with the latest in laser diode and precision optics technology, which enhances the sensitivity of the smoke detector. The chamber is also linked to sophisticated processing circuitry that incorporates smoothing filters to help eliminate transient environmental noise conditions, which can be the cause of unwanted alarms. The result is a very sensitive but stable smoke detector that can achieve sensitivities of 0.07% to 6.56% per metre obscuration and provides up to 100 times more sensitivity than a standard photoelectric smoke detector. With its quick response and pinpoint accuracy, this unique smoke detector is ideally suited to environmental applications where there is substantial cost for downtime or a significant investment in installed equipment has been made (e.g. Electronics Manufacturer Clean Rooms, Telecommunication Rooms, Computer Rooms etc).
Historically, photoelectric smoke detectors have shown a quick response to slow smouldering fires, whilst ionisation smoke detectors have had a better response to fast flaming fires. However, the Pinnacle smoke detector provides good response to both types of fires by improving its signal-to-noise ratio. The laser diode improves the smoke detector's signal and increases the ability to detect small particles (usually associated with fast flaming fires), which are not as easily detected by a standard photoelectric smoke detector. Meanwhile, the smoke detector's smoothing and filtering algorithms reduce noise and the possibility of false alarms.
The smoke detector's performance is improved even further by the inclusion of special drift compensation algorithms, which compensate for the build up of any contamination in the sensing chamber. There are three stages of drift compensation, 'low level alert', 'high level alert' and 'maintenance urgent'. The 'low and high level alert' signals are used to identify that the Pinnacle sensor has accumulated significant amounts of airborne particles and requires maintenance, whilst the 'maintenance urgent' signal indicates that the smoke detector has reached the end of its compensation range.


- Extremely high sensitivity 'laser' based smoke detector
- Superior early warning performance
- Effective response to both fast flaming and slow smouldering fires
- Compatible with existing Series 200 plus protocol
- Automatic drift compensation
- Three levels of fault warning for contamination
- Stable communication with high noise immunity
- Nine sensitivity levels (0.07 - 6.56%/m)
- Twin LED indicators providing 360© visibility
- Rotary decade address switches
- Tamper resistant
- Built in test switch


  • Operating Voltage Range : 15 to 32VDC
  • Maximum Standby Current : 230uA at 24VDC (no communications)
  • Maximum Average Standby Current : 330uA (one flash every 99 Communications)
  • Application Temperature Range (see note) : -10°C to 55°C
  • Humidity : 10% to 93% Relative Humidity (non-condensing)
  • Height : 42mm
  • Diameter : 104mm
  • Weight : 120g
  • Max Wire Gauge for Terminals : 2.5mm2
  • Colour : Pantone Warm Grey 1C
  • Material : Bayblend FR110
  • Compatible Bases : B501, B501DG, B524IEFT-1, B524RTE
  • Other Devices in Series 200 plus Range : Please refer to other Series 200 plus datasheets