Alarmline II LHD interconnecting cable AAI-0100

Alarmline II LHD interconnecting cable, 100m - AAI-0100
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237,75 €
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AAI-0100 - Alarmline II LHD interconnecting cable, 100m

The AAI-0100 is a non-detecting interconnection cable for use with linear heat detection cable, and is supplied in 100m lenghts. It is used in conjunction with analogue or digital linear heat detection cable, where the interface unit and the protected area is not at the same location, thus this cable is connecting the interface unit with the detection cable which is located in the protected area.

In some applications due to site requirements or layout, it might not be possible to install the linear heat detection interface in or next to the protected area. As a result it will be installed at a different location, with the requirement to connected the linear heat detection cable (in the protected area) with the remote interface unit. The non-detecting interconnect cable is specifically designed for this scenario. It ensures that detection is only active in the protected area, and not in the area in between the interface unit and the protected area. Additionally it offers a cost-effective alternative to using more expensive linear hear detection cable.

The ACA-JBW junction box must be used for the connection between the linear heat detection cable and the non-detecting cable. This is crucial to ensure that environmental conditions and materials don't effect the connection, which in turn will effect the detection capability of the system.


  • No detection properties
  • For use with analogue and digital linear heat detection systems
  • Cost-effective


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