Alarmline II Analogue LHD Cable w/ Nylon Sheath AAN-0500

Analogue Linear Heat Detection (LHD) cable with Nylon Sheath Alarmline II, 500m - AAN-0500 - ProReact F3003
3094,00 €
3094,00 €
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AAN-0500 - Alarmline II Analogue LHD Cable w/ Nylon Sheath, 500 m

The AAN-0500 is an analogue linear heat detection cable in a Nylon outer sheath, supplied in 500m lenghts. The nylon outer sheath provides additional UV protection making it suitable for external applications where it may be subjected to sunlight. It also provides protection against the elements and some chemicals.
In temperature sensitive environments early detection of an abnormal change is crucial to protect safety of life, critical processes and reduce losses. The AA analogue range of linear heat detection cable use exceptionally durable linear heat detection technologies which provide extensive and continuous coverage, is easy to install and fully integrate with building management systems. The products offer an enviable set of features bringing enhanced benefits and increased safety to the fire protection industry worldwide.


  • RoHS compliant and CE certified to meet end user specifications
  • Open and short circuit detection reduces the risk of false alarms
  • Optional pre-alarm setting allows the user to manage risk more effectively
  • Cable based sensing allows detection at the point of risk
  • Low installation and maintenance costs reduce total cost of ownership
  • Suitable for installation in hazardous areas

  Other Reference : ProReact F3003

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