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VLC-50000-MRN VESDA LaserCompact Marine & Offshore - Détecteur par Aspiration, Air Sampling DetectorVLC-50000-MRN VESDA LaserCompact Marine & Offshore - Détecteur par Aspiration, Air Sampling Detector

Air Sampling Smoke detector Marine VESDA VLC-50000-MRN

Air Sampling Detector Veritas approved (Marine & Offshore), Relays Only VESDA LaserCompact VLC50000-MRN Xtralis

VLC-50000-MRN - Air Sampling Detector, Relays Only VESDA LaserCompact - XTRALIS

The VESDA VLC detector has been tested and certified to provide all the benefits of aspirating smoke detection, including very early warning, in Marine Environments. This has been achieved through additional testing to ensure the performance of the product in challenging marine applications.
The Marine products are approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). They are rated IP30 so, in locations where higher IP protection is required, the detector should be housed in an IP66 enclosure (available from Xtralis).

As with the standard VESDA VLC, the Marine version combines the well-proven VESDA Laser detection technology, dual-stage air filtration technology and a reliable aspirator design, and incorporates them into a compact enclosure with a simplified display.

Two variants and a remote display option
The Marine version of the VESDA VLC is available in two versions, one that interfaces via relays only (RO) and one that interfaces via relays and VESDAnet (VN).
The VN version is compatible with the Marine version of the remote Display Module, which allows the current status of the detector to be reported in the most convenient location (such as the bridge). The remote Display Module has 7 remote relays to support any combination of
signalling that may be demanded by the application. The VN version also allows several detectors to be linked together on VESDAnet thereby allowing one to act as a reference detector for other VESDA detectors.

The VESDA VLC is made up of two parts: the main enclosure and the front cover.
The main enclosure houses all the key components of the detector. All non-serviceable items like the main processor board and detector chamber are mounted away from the general access area, protecting them during the installation and service process.

The front cover includes:
• 5 LEDs: Fire, Pre-Alarm/Alert, Fault, OK, Reset/Isolate
• Reset/Isolate Push Button (press to reset, press and hold to isolate)


• DNV Type Approval certificate: A-13709.
• DNV Location classes:
- Temperature (D), Humidity (B), Vibration (A), Electromagnetic Compatibility (B), Ingress protection (IP30) or (IP66) with optional enclosure.
- Environmental tests have been performed according to Lloyd’s Register Specification 1 (2002) for environmental categories ENV1, ENV2, and ENV3


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