Aerosol Smoke Dispenser SOLO330

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Aerosol Smoke Dispenser SOLO 330 No Climb Products
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SOLO330 - Aerosol Smoke Dispenser, Smoke Detector Tester - No Climb products

The Solo 330 smoke dispenser allows simulated smoke (not supplied) to be introduced to a detector sensing chamber in a safe and effective manner. Suitable for the majority of detectors (up to 100mm/4" in diameter), the Solo smoke dispenser has a test cup that provides a clear view of the detector LED, and its spring loaded mechanism helps to conserve the aerosol and minimise waste. To test smoke detectors installed at a height, the Solo 330 smoke detector tester, smoke dispenser can be used with a Solo telescopic access pole.


  • Allows "functional" smoke detector tester to be carried out
  • Durable construction and lightweight
  • UL listed
  • Universal: suitable for detectors up to 100mm/4" in diameter
  • Sealed housing and spring loaded mechanism: optimises aerosol delivery and minimises waste
  • Transparent test cup enables clear view of the detector LED while testing
  • Suitable for use on suspended ceiling tiles
  • Swing frame allows for use at/from angles
  • Designed for use with Solo smoke and Solo CO aerosols (not supplied)
  • Used with the Solo telescopic access poles: enables safe testing at heights

Same product with other reference : TR010, ABTF0330, 640100003, 517.001.255, 805582




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