S2654AT Détecteur de Gaz Acétone, Diméthylcétone, Propanone, Dimethyl ketone, Acetone Gas DetectorS2654AT Détecteur de Gaz Acétone, Diméthylcétone, Propanone, Dimethyl ketone, Acetone Gas Detector
S2654AT Détecteur de Gaz Acétone, Propanone, Acetone Gas Detector

Acetone Gas Detector - Explosion Proof Enclosure Version S2654AT

Acetone Gas Detector, Propanone Gas Detector, Dimethyl ketone Gas Detector 0-100% LEL 4-20mA - Infrared sensor - SMART3G-C2 Sensitron Explosion Proof Enclosure version Zone 1 category 2 areas S2654AT

S2654AT - ACETONE Gas Detector 0-100% LEL, 4-20mA - Infrared sensor - Explosion Proof Enclosure Version SMART3G-C2 Zone 1 category 2 areas

S2654AT SMART3G gas detectors are employed to detect Acetone, Propanone, Dimethyl ketone Gas compounds (%LEL) in classified areas.
For aggressive atmospheres, where the Pellistor sensors would be seriously damaged, Sensitron developed a range of detectors employing industrial grade Infrared sensors: IR sensors are poison free and this grants a higher accuracy and a longer lifetime to the cell.
The SMART3G line has been designed to offer a wide range of alternatives that grant customers the best solution to their requirements.
SMART3G-C has been specifically designed to offer high performance products for industrial applications.
SMART3G detectors are ATEX certified for:
Group II 2G, 2GD, 3G & GD
SMART3G detectors are SIL2 HW TUV certified


- Easy sensor replacement
- Wide range of sensors and detectable gases
- Standard 4-20 mA 3 wires output
- Wide range of accessories for installation and maintenance
- Zero tracking and system self diagnosis
- ATEX certified Group I & II

Gas Detector type : Acetone Gas detector, Propanone Gas detector, Dimethyl ketone Gas Detector

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