VMICxxx - Multi-Modules VEGA dans coffret plastique, VEGA Multi-ModulesVMICxxx - Multi-Modules VEGA dans coffret plastique, VEGA Multi-Modules

VEGA Multi-Modules

VEGA Multi-Modules in plastic box

VMICxxx - VEGA Multi-Modules

Generally speaking, the Vega multi-module series is a family of microprocessor controlled interface devices permitting the monitoring and control of auxiliary devices. These are loop powered devices that operate according to the Vega analogue-intelligent protocol and are characterized by low current consumption; their particular design allow an easy and fast installation.
A channel is a multi-module's sub-device through which monitoring and control of analogue-loop-extraneous auxiliary devices is exerted by the analogue control panel. Multi-modules are, by a matter of fact, multi-channel devices.

In detail Vega multi-modules are:
VMIC404 - is composed by 4 input channels and 4 form C outputs.
VMIC422 - is composed by 4 input channels, 2 supervised output channels and 2 form C output channels.
VLIC602 - is composed by 6 input channels and 2 form C output channels.


- Powered by the loop
- High reliability and error detection
- Built-in bidirectional isolator
- Large capacity, up to 240 devices per loop
- Auto addressing capability (control panel feature) or manually via VPU100 programmer
- High power availability from loop (>98%)
- Digital checking of double address
- Status channels indication


  • Loop's voltage range : from 18 V to 40 V
  • Stanby current consumption : 500uA at 24 V
  • Supervised input and supervised output end of line resistor : 27K
  • Supervised input auxiliary device's series resistor to the switch : 10K
  • Operating temperature range : from -30°C to +70°C
  • Humidity : from 5% RH to 85% RH
  • Dimensions : 210 x 170 x 65 mm
  • Weight : 470 grams
  • Cable entry knockout holes measures : 1x M25/32, 2x M16/20 for each lateral side
  • IP rating : 65
  • Applicable wire gauge range : from 0.5 mm© a 2.5 mm©


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