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Supervised Input Micro-Module VEGA

Supervised Input Micro-Module VEGA

VUMI100 - Supervised Input Micro-Module VEGA

The Vega micro-modules are a range of compact microprocessor controlled line interface's that enable monitoring and / or control of auxiliary devices.
The Argus Vega digital communication protocol utilised by the monitoring control panel provides high rates of information exchange in combination with comprehensive features that ensure fast and secure responses.
All Vega series micro-modules are provided with short-circuit monitoring isolators installed on the intelligent loop circuitry and can be activated by the control panel.
Vega analogue devices are designed around a fully digital protocol.
The input channel is supervised and will detect normal/short/alarm/open conditions.


- Designed to meet the standard EN54-18
- Provide high reliability and error detection
- Short circuit isolators in each device (EN54-17)
- Large capacity, up to 240 devices per loop
- Addressable via VPU100 programmer
- Auto addressing capability (Control panel feature)
- OEM password protection
- High power availability from loop (>98%)
- Digital checking of double address
- Line quality information