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SGRS100– Sirène Murale Rouge Adressable avec Protocole Radio Sagittarius Red Wireless Wall SounderSGRS100– Sirène Murale Rouge Adressable avec Protocole Radio Sagittarius Red Wireless Wall Sounder

Red Wireless Wall Sounder

Red Wireless Wall Sounder

SGRS100 - Red Wireless Wall Sounder

The wireless wall sounder is an acoustic output device which is activated by a specific command sent from the control panel, through a translator module and other possibly present expander modules, in case of fire or emergency situations; this device provides a United Kingdom tone set. The communication between the sounder and the translator / expander module(s) is wireless via the 'Sagittarius' bidirectional protocol.
This sounder allows the installer to choose among three different tones and to set the volume by directly and manually acting on the device.


- Bi-directional wireless communication
- Self optimizing wireless amplitude and frequency
- Automatic wireless channel hopping
- Fully intelligent
- High reliability and sensitivity
- Utilizes standard low cost lithium battery technology, fully monitored
- The Wireless Wall Sounder is equipped with a bicolor LED (red/green) that provides visual indication for functional conditions and battery levels
- If a battery fault condition is detected on the Wireless Wall Sounder, a fault message is sent to the control panel via translator / expander. This kind of fault condition is locally signaled by the module's visual LED indicator
- The Wireless Wall Sounder is provided with a tamper detection switch-spring system, and, in case of removal of the cover from its
box, it sends a tamper detection message to the control panel


* Ideal operating range: may vary consistently according to environmental conditions.
** When a low battery condition is indicated, both, main and secondary, batteries must be changed altogether.
*** Theses lifespan values refer to the device being programmed with a control signal transmission period of 12 seconds.
If the device is activated 30 seconds a week for test, the primary battery's lifespan reduces to 4.1 years (with the sounder activated and the volume set at maximum level).


1- Pulsed tone 990 Hz at 1 Hz (500 ms on - 500 ms off)
2- Dual tone 990 Hz & 650 Hz at 2 Hz (250 ms - 250 ms) BS fire tone
3- Continous tone 990 Hz steady BS fire tone