FI700/MCP – Manual Call Point with LST/700 protocol ARGUS SECURITY Red Manual Call Point FI700MCPFI700/MCP – Manual Call Point with LST/700 protocol ARGUS SECURITY Red Manual Call Point FI700MCP

Red Manual Call Point FI700MCP

Red manual Call Point with LST/700 Protocol FI700/MCP Argus Security

FI700/MCP - Manual Call Point with LST/700 protocol ARGUS SECURITY

The Manual Call Point FI700/MCP complies with the standard EN 54-11/A and is designed for use in ADM loops with Labor Strauss/700 protocol.
The call point is activated by pressing the non-breakable plastic pane. By means of a special key, the pane can be put back to the idle position, thereby resetting the call point.
The ADM loop technology with Labor Strauss/700 protocol establishes a permanent communication between the fire detection control panel and the call point. That ensures a periodical function testing of the device.
Up to 240 loop elements can be addressed on a Labor Strauss/700 loop. In this way, extensive fire detection systems can be designed with a minimum expense in cabling.
The call point is equipped with a bi-colour status LED that indicates the alarm condition in red colour, the fault condition in yellow and - optionally - the polling of the device in green.
An integrated dual-isolator disconnects the loop in case of a short circuit. In this way, the undisturbed communication with the loop elements outside the faulty loop section is ensured.
The address of the call point is set by means of the hand-held Programming Unit FI700/PU within the range 1 to 240. In addition, the programming unit allows for the reading-out of several parameters, such as the default analogue value or the production date.
Alternatively, the call point can be addressed automatically if it is connected to a compatible fi re detection control panel.
The manual call point is designed for surface mounting by means of the included mounting box. If required, the device can also be mounted on a 60mm fl ush-mount installation box.


- ADM loop technology with Labor Strauss/700 protocol
- Single-action activation by pressing the plastic pane
- Bi-colour status LED
- Up to 240 detectors or modules on a loop
- Integrated dual-isolator
- Includes a surface-mount box


  • Operating voltage : supply through loop voltage
  • Current consumption at 24VDC : typ. 70uA (normal communication)
  • Current consumption status LED : typ. 6mA (alarm condition)
  • Ambient temperature : -30°C to +70°C (no icing)
  • Relative humidity : 5 - 95% (no condensation)
  • Protection class (in combination with mounting box) : IP54


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