Decorline - Low Visual Impact

Low visual impact solutions for Fire protection. Additional cost for each detector and available for Aurora, Vega or Sagittarius

DECORLINE - Low Visual Impact Solutions for Fire Protection

When we consider fire and security application for building of historical and intrinsic value, it is necessary to guarantee high levels of protection for both people and property.

It is also very important to ensure that these buildings are not damaged or altered by invasive and intrusive installations.

For historical and artistical goods, because of the specifity of the building and of their use, it is necessary to highlight the following purposes :
- Preservation of the historical and artistical content (artwork, furniture, goods, etc.) ;
- Preservation of the building: usually also the buildings where artwork are kept have great historical and artistical value (churches, museums, etc.) ;
- Reduction of the prevention measures in order to reduce as much as possible the impact of an installation on the part.

To fulfil these requirements, Ornicom is pleased to introduce Decorline, a unique application for detectors to virtually match many background and finish.

Available for our complete range of conventional (Aurora), intelligent (Vega), wireless (Sagittarius) and the complete FI700 line detectors, standard finishes are available from marble to wood effects.

Where traditional wired fire alarms systems may be unacceptable, we have introduced Sagittarius, a hybrid wire to wireless intelligent fire detection system, with Decorline characterization. In this way the following fundamental targets are reached at the same time :
- Detection devices camouflage
- wireless connection (virtual wire)
- Reduction of the installation time to maximize the usability of the goods.

Additional cost for each detector and available for Aurora, Vega or Sagittarius

Please add the decor code to the order


11) Carrara
12) Obirho
13) Green Alpes
14) Green
15) Black

21) Ash
22) Durmast
23) Cherry
24) Alder
25) Briar Root

31) Gold
32) Aluminium

41) Carbon Fiber
42) Gold Fiber

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