8 zones SIL3 Multifunction Gas Control Panel GALILEO

8 zones Multifunction Gas Control Panel ATEX and SIL3 GALILEO Sensitron STG/S8
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STG/S8 - 8 zones Multifunction Gas Control Panel ATEX and SIL3 GALILEO 8 Sensitron

GALILEO 8/32 are advanced multifunction gas detection control panels designed to control and monitor up to 8 analog 4-20 mA gas detectors (GALILEO 8) or up to 32 addressable gas detectors (GALILEO 32).
Always keeping the main focus on safety, the GALILEO 8/32 control panels have been developed according to the European standards on functional safety EN 50402, known as SIL (Safety Integrity Level).
Redundancy has been implemented in the control panels and with the correct installation the systems comply with the functional safety requirements SIL 3.
On the GALILEO 8/32 front plate, a high brightness LCD provides a real-time indication of the concentration being measured; in case of an alarm, the threshold reached and the respective channel are shown. The control panels' event log memorises all the alarm, fault and user operations.
To maximize the operating security, a hierarchical user and password system has been implemented.
There are three user levels: OPERATOR, MAINTENANCE and ENGINEER.
The control panels are housed in metal cabinets, complete with 24 Vdc, 5 A power supply and offer the possibility to allocate 2 back-up batteries max. 12V, 7Ah.
The GALILEO 8/32 control panels are fully PC programmable via the dedicated configuration software designed to make the programming simple, fast and safe.
The PC is to be connected using the RS232C serial port available on the panel's main board.


  • ATEX and SIL 3 certified (EN50402)
  • Connectable to 8-32 detectors
  • Ideal for small plants with high safety levels
  • High brightness LCD Display
  • Real time reading
  • Fully redundant
  • 16 relay outputs
  • PC programmable
  • Three user levels