8 Zones Conventional Fire Panel with Access Key 1X-F8-SC-xx8 Zones Conventional Fire Alarm Panel HRZ8
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1X-F8-xx - Panneau Feu Conventionnel 8 Zones - 8 Zones Conventional Fire Panel1X-F8-xx - Panneau Feu Conventionnel 8 Zones - 8 Zones Conventional Fire Panel

8 Zones Conventional Fire Panel 1X-F8-xx

Conventional Fire Panel with User Interface - 8 zone - 1X-F8-xx UTC Fire & Security
282,30 €
282,30 €
Sales price without tax 282,30 €

1X-F8-xx - 8 Zones Conventional Fire Panel - UTC Fire & Security

1X fire control panels offer state of the art architecture in configurations that deliver an uncomplicated solution for small to mi-sized conventional applications. They feature an attractive contemporary design that fits with any decor. The gently curved door front offers a distinctive flair. Operator controls are inset in a striking black lexan.
With support for multiple lines of conventional detectors and accessories, these quick-to-configure systems offer versatility that benefits building owners and installation/maintenance companies alike.
The 1X-F8 is a conventional fire alarm control panel. It is supplied in local language with 8 zones that support up to 32 devices per zone, as well as up to 4 supervised relay outputs dedicated to sounder control. In addition 2 conventional relay outputs dedicated to common fire and fault conditions, as well as two user configurable inputs for monitoring and control available.


The panel support 2 types of auxiliary relay boards, one with 4 standard relays, and one with 4 supervised relays. With these boards the panel outputs may be expanded with up to 8 additional outputs.

Approvals & Compliance

The product line carries the following accredidations:
EN54:2, EN54:4 and CE approved
CPD certified
NEN2535, NBNS21-100 and BS5839-1 compliant
WEEE compliant
RoHS compliant