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K21084M4 - Centrale D'extinction Incendie 8 Zones 4 Régions - 8 zones 4 areas Extinguishant Fire Control Panel SIGMA XT+K21084M4 - Centrale D'extinction Incendie 8 Zones 4 Régions - 8 zones 4 areas Extinguishant Fire Control Panel SIGMA XT+

8 Zones 4 Areas Extinguishant Control Panel SIGMA XT+ K21084M4

8 zones 4 areas Extinguishant Fire Control panel SIGMA XT+ Kentec K21084M4
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K21084M4 - 8 zones 4 areas Extinguishant Fire Control Panel SIGMA XT+ Kentec

Sigma XT+ control panels are multi-area extinguishant control panels complying with EN12094-1, EN54-2 and EN54-4.
Up to 8 zones of conventional detection with up to 4 extinguishant areas are available.
Stand alone extinguishant control units are also available with 2 monitored inputs to receive initiating signals from remote fire detection control panels or addressable modules.

Each extinguishant area has a comprehensive set of inputs and outputs and is configurable via a simple programming interface.
All extinguishant areas may have up to 7, serially connected Sigma Si status indication and control units or ancillary relay boards connected via a simple 4 core cable.

The versatility of the control panel can be enhanced further by the fitting of up to 7 Sigma CP Ancillary boards (K580) or Sigma CP Sounder boards (K461) to the RS485 serial bus. See data sheet DS39 and DS48.

For compatible status units see Sigma Si data sheet DS41.


  • Approved to EN12094-1, EN54-2 and EN54-4
  • 2, 4 or 8 detection zones
  • 1 to 4 extinguishant areas
  • Dual extinguishant outputs for each area (configurable as Main/Reserve)
  • First and second stage sounder outputs for each area
  • First and second stage volt free changeover contacts for each area
  • Released volt free contact per area
  • Fault volt free contact per area
  • Programmable extinguishant delays
  • Programmable output duration
  • Extract fan control
  • Countdown indicator shows time until release in seconds
  • Mode select and manual release controls per area
  • Monitored remote manual release input
  • Monitored remote Hold input
  • Monitored remote Mode select (door interlock) input
  • Monitored remote Released pressure switch input
  • Monitored remote Low Pressure switch input
  • Monitored Abort input
  • Serial connection for Sigma Si status units and ancillary boards. (K588)


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