8 Way Relay Extender Board SYNCRO IO

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SKU: K547
8 Way relay extender board for Kentec Fire Detection Panel SYNCRO IO K547
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K547 - 8 Way relay extender board for Kentec Fire Detection Panel SYNCRO IO K547

To further enhance the versatility of the Syncro fire detection alarm system, additional relay output capability can be added using Syncro relay boards.
These boards have 8 voltage free changeover relay contacts, each of which can be individually programmed.
Up to 32 of these boards can be connected to the dedicated RS485 communications bus in the Fire Detection panel giving the capability of up to 256 additional relay outputs.
The relay boards may be mixed on the RS485 bus with 16 channel I/O boards, 6 way sounder boards or 4 way conventional detection zone boards to provide a very flexible system of I/O to satisfy any requirement.
All outputs are configurable in the same way as devices connected to the loops and all may be acted upon by cause and effect logic.
These boards are typically used in applications which require more than the four standard relay outputs such as signalling to other systems or plant control.
Standard Syncro Fire Detection panels contain fixings for one sounder, relay, conventional Fire detection or I/O board, which can easily be connected using four small signal wires to the power and comms bus within the Fire Detection panel.
Consideration must be taken as to the loading on the main panel.


- 8 volt free changeover relay contacts (1Amp 30V DC)
- Relay operated indications
- Remote connection to panel via RS485 serial bus
- Common footprint to other Syncro I/O board types
- All outputs programmable for cause and effects
- Can be used with other Syncro I/O modules on the same panel
- Compatible with Syncro AS panels


  • Product code : K547
  • Supply voltage range : 21 to 30VDC
  • Quiescent current : 10mA
  • Operating current : 250mA (all outputs on)
  • Output contact rating : 30VDC 1 Amp
  • Communications : RS485 two wire
  • Maximum distance from panel : 1.2Km (using RS485 data cable)
  • PCB size : 190mm x 61mm
  • Fixing centres : 51.5mm x 180mm
  • Cable capacity : 2.5mm per terminal
  • Operating temperature : -5°C to +50°C
  • Operating humidity : To 95% (non condensing)