8 to 168 zones Control Panel Metal Housing

8 to 168 zones Control Panel Metal Housing CS875M UTC Fire & Security Aritech

CS875M - 8 to 168 zones Control Panel Metal Housing UTC Fire & Security ARITECH

The comfort series of control panels CS875/CS575/CS275/CS175 benefits from the latest development in residential security and is the result of extensive research and focus on the installer and end-user well-being.
Covering all needs of home security and focusing on comfort the comfort series is also installer-friendly sharing the same programming philosophy across the panel range and giving our installers the rigth tools for quick and easy set up.
The direct connect module can store up to 4 panel configuration and can be used for quick and easy set up on the spot.
The new comfort keypad CS5500 using a full and comprehensive menu structure offers to the installer a brand new programming experience and makes the installation easier than ever.
They are flexible, you can choose a mix of wired and wireless zones to suit particular applications.
They're also scaleable, so adding new zones is quick and easy. And because we took the time to develop them to our own standards, they're fully featured, with options like home automation and two-way audio.
With the CS875/575/275/175 family of intrusion control panels, you and your customers can rest assured that the best was well worth waiting for.
CS875M Specifics
The CS875M supports eight partitions. It offers 8 on-board zones and can be extended to 168 zones with wireless or hard wired expansions.
The CS875M is supplied in a large metal housing.
Wireless zone expansion
The CS875M can be expanded using 8 or 16 zones wireless receivers mounted outside the metal housing.
Hard wired zone expansion
The CS875M can be expanded using 8/16 zones input expanders CS208/CS216.


- 8 fully programmable zones
- Wireless expansion up to 168 zones
- Up to 8 partitions
- Maximum 8 keypads per partition
- Assign zones to one or multiple partitions
- 20 customisable pre-configured zone types
- Integrated communicator supporting all major formats
- Answering machine defeat
- 512 event log
- Up/download configuration with competitor lockout
- On board RS232
- Up to 99 user codes + 1 duress code
- Automatic arming with auto retry
- Dynamic battery test
- Telephone line supervision - voltage and current
- Two independent entry & exit delay
- Built-in siren driver or voltage output
- 2-wire or 4-wire smoke detectors
- Walk-test mode
- Siren supervision and loud speaker output
- Hard wired expansion up to 168 zones
- Up to 32 modules


  • Operating power : 16.5 VAC, 50 VA
  • Auxiliary power with 25 VA transformer : 1 A
  • Loop resistance For standard loop : 4K7 EOL
  • Loop resistance For 2-wire smokes : 560 ohm max.
  • Built-in siren driver : 2-tone (temporal & yelp) - for internal siren only
  • Alarm current available (if siren driver is not used) : 2.5 A
  • Loop response : Selectable 50 ms or 500 ms
  • Operating temperature : 0 to 49°C
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) : 315 x 445 x 85 mm

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