8-16 Zones Gas Control Panel Multiscan8+

8-16 Channel Microprocessor based Gas Control Panel for 4-20mA and RS485 Gas detectors Sensitron MULTISCAN 8+ STMTS8+
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MULTISCAN8+ - 8-16 Zones Gas Control Panel 4-20mA and RS485 gas detectors - Sensitron

MULTISCAN 8+ is an innovative gas control unit, ideal for small plants up to 16 detectors.
Extremely flexible it allows monitoring gas detectors connected with both 4-20mA transmission and addressable bus. 8 detectors can be connected to the control panel (4-20mA) and additional 8 detectors on the RS485 bus or via remote 8-input cards STG/IN8S.
Every input can be configured for a different kind of gas in order to detect both flammable and toxic compounds, refrigerant gases as well as Oxygen depletion and enrichment.
The backlit LCD display assures a precise indication of the gas concentration being measured and the alarm set points.
The panel can manage up to 38 relay outputs, 6 in the panel and additional 32 via STG/OUT16S or STG/16REL cards.
The MULTISCAN 8+ ABS cabinet can accommodate 2 x 12 VDC, 7Ah batteries to ensure its correct working when power supply fails.
The MULTISCAN 8+ is SIL1 and ATEX pending according to EN 60079-29-1

Further characteristics of MULTISCAN 8+ panel are:
• Event log accessible from the front display or to be PC downloaded.
• RS232 serial port for PC connection for programming or supervising the system via a specific software


  • Ideal for small plants
  • High brightness LCD Display
  • Real time reading
  • Event log accessible from display or PC
  • RS232 serial port for PC programming and system supervising