50m Microwave Bistatic Sensor FORTEZA-50

50m MicroWave Bistatic Sensor 24.15GHz FORTEZA-50 - Forteza
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FORTEZA-50 - 50m Microwave Bistatic Sensor 24.15 GHz - FORTEZA

Sensors are used to detect an intruder in the protected perimeter objects. Objects to protect can be industrial enterprises, airports, prisons, power plants, etc.
Operating principle is based on creation of an invisible volumetric detection zone between a transmitter and a receiver. When an intruder enters this zone, he makes changes in. The receiver registers these changes and generates an alarm.

FORTEZA-50 - 50m Microwave Bistatic Sensor 24.15 GHz - FORTEZA

Sensors have a simple design and easy to install and adjust.
The unique technology of signal processing provides high detection probability and minimum false alarms. So the sensors have higher immunity to rain, snow, fog and lightning, small animals and low vegetation.
A wide range of modifications in coverage range makes it possible to choose a set of sensors for the best price.
To transmit an alarm, standard interfaces are used. That is why the sensors are compatible with many popular control panels.
Circuit design and special chosen materials allow sensors to operate nearby power lines up to 500 kW.

Detection length : 50m
Detection width : 1m
Detection zone height : 1.8m

FORTEZA-50 - 50m Microwave Bistatic Sensor 24.15 GHz - FORTEZA


Next generation signal processing algorithm minimizes the influence of industrial noises.
Operation in the K-Band frequency improves the detection efficiency and minimizes noises from external sources.
Parameters’ setting with a computer allow setup an optimum operation mode including remote control from the control room over RS-485 interface.
Four frequency letters increase the immunity to flare light from neighboring sensors.
A special designed antenna with a narrow direction pattern allows using sensors at a long range and in narrow corridors.