ST.PL4+ - Centrale Détection Gaz 4-8 Zones ATEX et SIL1 Sensitron 4-8 Zones Gas Control Panel STPL4+ST.PL4+ - Centrale Détection Gaz 4-8 Zones ATEX et SIL1 Sensitron 4-8 Zones Gas Control Panel STPL4+

4-8 Zones Gas Control Panel STPL4+

ATEX and SIL1 4-8 Zones Gas Control Panel for 4-20mA detectors Sensitron ST.PL4+

ST.PL4+ - ATEX and SIL1 4-8 Zones Gas Control Panel Sensitron

The gas control unit PL4+ represents the best technology for the detection of flammable, toxic or Oxygen compounds in small systems.
The PL4+ offers 4 analog 4-20 mA inputs that can be extended to 8 by using the 4-input expansion board PL4/ESP, easy to plug in the control unit.
Mode status LEDs for alarms and fault warning along with the backlit LCD display provide for real time reading of the gas concentration being detected.
An internal buzzer provides an audible alarm that activates according to the programmed alarm thresholds.
Alarms are user selectable and for each input it is possible to set the type of detector, its full scale range and the alarm thresholds.
The panel can be easily programmed via the three-position key-switch for Set, Unset and Program along with the Reset and Acknowledge push buttons.
The panel comes complete with 5 output relays: one for each threshold (AL1, AL2, AL3), 1 for fault (FLT) and 1 auxiliary and freely programmable.
By using the rely card STG/16REL connected to STPL4/ESP module, the panel can benefit of further 16 relay outputs linked to the second and third alarm thresholds (AL2 – AL3) of each detector being connected.
The panel is housed in IP65 ABS box complete with 12Vdc 1.5 A power supply.
The PL4+ box can fit a 12 Vdc 7Ah back-up battery to ensure the system correct working should the main power supply fail.


  • Real time reading of flammable, toxic, refrigerant gases and oxygen
  • 4 analog 4-20mA inputs expandable to 8
  • 5 output relays expandable to 21
  • Ideal for small industrial plants
  • ATEX and SIL1 certified

Other reference : FGC108

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