32 Tones Wireless Sounder Base

High reliability and sensitivity 32 Tones Wireless Sounder Base SGRBS100 Sagittarius Argus Security

SGRBS100 - 32 Tones Wireless Sounder Base Argus Security

The wireless sounder base is a device that activates its output when ordered so by the control panel in the event of fire alarms. The activation command is sent from the control panel to the base sounder through the wire to wireless translator interface module and other possible wireless expander modules.
Communication between the sounder base and the translator / expanders is obtained through the Sagittarius wireless, analogue-intelligent bidirectional protocol. Device's radio communication meets European standard EN 54-25.
Wireless sounder base is designed to act as a supporting mean for the installation of Sagittarius wireless detectors.


- Bi-directional wireless communication
- Self optimizing wireless amplitude and frequency
- Automatic wireless channel hopping
- Fully intelligent
- High reliability and sensitivity
- Utilizes standard low cost lithium battery technology, fully monitored
- The Wireless Sounder base is equipped with a bicolor LED (red/green) that provides visual indication for functional conditions and battery levels
- If a battery fault condition is detected on the Wireless Sounder base, a fault message is sent to the control panel via translator / expander. This kind of fault condition is locally signaled by the module's visual LED indicator


  • Communication range with the translator or expander : 200 m (in open space) *
  • Operating frequency range : 868.15 MHz - 869.85 MHz
  • Modulation type : FSK
  • Operating frequency channels : 7
  • Radiated power : 5 dBm (3 mW) Typical
  • Main battery ** : Type CR123A (3 Vdc) 5 years typical ***
  • Secondary battery ** : Type CR2032A (3 Vdc) 2 months typical ***
  • Operating temperature : -10°C to +55°C
  • Tolerated humidity range (no condensing) : 5% to 95% RH
  • Maximum volume range @ 1m - selectable : 89-91 dB(A)
  • Device output tone's frequency range : 440 Hz to 2900 Hz
  • IP rating : 21C
  • Dimensions : 120 mm x 52 mm
  • Weight : 150 g

* Ideal operating range: may vary consistently according to environmental conditions.
** When a low battery condition is indicated, both, main and secondary, batteries must be changed altogether.
*** Theses lifespan values refer to the device being programmed with a control signal transmission period of 12 seconds.
If the device is activated 30 seconds a week for test, the primary battery's lifespan reduces to 4 years (with the sounder activated and the volume set at maximum level).


1- Warble Tone 800Hz for 500ms, then 1000Hz for 500ms
2- Continuous tone 970Hz continuous
3- Slow Whoop (Dutch) 500Hz-1200Hz swept for 3500ms, then off for 500ms
4- German DIN tone 1200Hz-500Hz swept every 1000ms (1Hz)
5- Alternate HF slow sweep 2350Hz-2900Hz swept every 333ms (3Hz)
6- Alternative warble 800Hz for 250ms, then 960Hz for 250ms
7- Alternative warble 500Hz for 250ms, then 600Hz for 250ms
8- Analogue sweep tone 500Hz-600Hz swept every 500ms (2Hz)
9- Australian Alert (Intermittent tone) 970Hz for 625ms, then off for 625ms
10- Australian Evac (slow whoop) 500Hz-1200Hz for 3750ms, then off for 250ms
11- FP1063.1-Telecom 800Hz for 250ms, then 970Hz for 250ms
12- French tone AFNOR 554Hz for 100ms, then 440Hz for 400ms
13- HF Back up Interrupted tone 2800Hz for 1000ms, then off for 1000ms
14- HF Back up Interrupted tone - fast 2800Hz for 150ms, then off for 150ms
15- HF Continuous 2800Hz continuous
16- Interrupted tone 800Hz for 500ms, then off for 500ms
17- Interrupted tone medium 1000Hz for 250ms, then off for 250ms
18- ISO 8201 LF BS5839 Pt 1 1988 970Hz for 500ms, then off for 500ms
19- ISO8201 HF 2850Hz for 500ms, then off for 500ms
20- LF Back up Alarm 800Hz for 150ms, then off for 150ms
21- LF Buzz 800Hz-950Hz swept every 9ms (110Hz)
22- LF Continuous tone BS5839 800Hz continuous
23- LF Sweep 800Hz-1000Hz swept every 500ms (2Hz)
24- Siren 2 way ramp (long) 500Hz-1200Hz rising for 3000ms, 1200Hz-500Hz falling for 3000ms
25- Siren 2 way ramp (short) 500Hz-1200Hz rising for 250ms, 1200Hz-500Hz falling for 250ms
26- Swedish all clear signal 660Hz continuous
27- Swedish Fire signal 660Hz for 150ms, then off for 150ms
28- Sweep tone (1 Hz) 800Hz-900Hz swept every 1000ms (1Hz)
29- Sweep tone (3 Hz) 800Hz-970Hz swept every 333ms (3Hz)
30- Sweep tone (9 Hz) 800Hz-970Hz swept every 111ms (9Hz)
31- US Temporal Pattern HF 2900Hz for 500ms on, 500ms off (x3), then 1500ms off
32- US Temporal Pattern LF 950Hz for 500ms on, 500ms off (x3), then 1500ms off

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