256 zones SIL3 Multifunction Gas Control Panel GALILEO SMS

256 zones Multifunction Gas Control Panel ATEX and SIL3 19" Rack GALILEO SMS Sensitron STG/SMS
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STG/SMS - 256 zones Multifunction Gas Control Panel 19" Rack ATEX and SIL3 GALILEO SMS Sensitron

The GALILEO SMS (SIL Multisystem) is an advanced multifunction gas detection control panel designed to comply with the SIL (Safety Integrity Level) requirements, according to the European Standard EN 50402 on Functional Safety. The functional safety is aimed at supervising and managing the behaviour of an overall system in case of failures.
To assure a full redundancy, the control unit’s main board is designed around 2 powerful microprocessors that communicate each other the monitored data, ensuring the complete availability of all main board functions even in the case of a failure in one microprocessor. A broad range of self-testing facilities are implemented to detect and localize possible faults.
The redundancy offered by every module being part of the system, added to the possibility to communicate with remote input/output modules via a redundant closed BUS, makes this system comply with the Functional Safety requirements up to SIL3.
The GALILEO SMS consists of a control unit, used for monitoring and controlling, connected to an optional number of Analogue Input Modules (AIM), LOOP modules and RELAY modules.
The system will be connected in two digital RS485 (EIA485) type closed loops capable of accommodating:

  • Maximum 256 gas detectors connected as:
    - Addressable gas detectors type SMART3G or SMART3 "S" connected via 32 input loop modules.
    - Analogue 4-20mA detectors connected through 8-input AIM (Analogue Inputs Modules).
  • Maximum 520 relay outputs connected as:
    - 512 programmable relays on the Relay Outputs modules (8-16 relays module, basic and extended respectively).
    - 8 relay outputs onboard the control unit.

The GALILEO SMS is fully PC programmable through the dedicated configuration software designed to make the programming simple, fast and safe.
The PC connection is to be done via the RS232C serial port available on the back panel.


  • ATEX and SIL 3 certified (EN50402)
  • Connectable to 256 detectors
  • Up to 520 relay outputs
  • High brightness LCD Display
  • Real time reading
  • Fully redundant
  • PC programmable
  • Three user levels