ECO1000BREL Socle Relay 12/24V - 12/24V Relay BaseECO1000BREL Socle Relay 12/24V - 12/24V Relay Base

24V Relay Base latching ECO1000BREL24L

ECO1000 Series 24V Relay Base latching for Conventional Detector ECO1000BREL24L System Sensor, Morley-IAS

ECO1000BREL24L - 24V Relay Base latching for Conventional Detector SYSTEM SENSOR

Interface for 24V system that requires an external contact.
The detector stays in alarm until the removing of its supply voltage. A break-off tab allows the base to be connected to fire control panels.
This tab should be broken when there is little current flow or no current limiting resistor such as when used as a 24V stand-alone system.


- Accepts ECO1000 range of detectors
- 12V Non-Latching, 12V and 24V Latching versions
- Compatible with Fire & Security Systems
- Tamper resistant feature
- Detector removal detection (2 wire system)
- Remote LED option
- Extended warranty

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