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HRZ2 - Centrale Détection Incendie Conventionnelle 2 Zones Morley-IAS 2 Zones Conventional Fire Alarm PanelHRZ2 - Centrale Détection Incendie Conventionnelle 2 Zones Morley-IAS 2 Zones Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

2 Zones Conventional Fire Alarm Panel HRZ2

2 Zones Conventional Fire Alarm Panel HRZ2 Morley-IAS
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HRZ2 - 2 Zones Conventional Fire Alarm Panel Morley-IAS

Developed with efficiency in mind, HRZ2-8 zone non intelligent fire alarm panels offer both installers and end users a technically advanced range of functions while remaining easy to install, program and operate. A full range of non-intelligent detectors, advanced non-intelligent detectors, beam detectors, manual call points, duct mounting applications, audible and visible devices are available for use with this panels.
HRZ2-8 series fire alarm panels are ideally suited for facilities including offices, shop units, public houses, B&B, clubs, small industrial units, nursing home and scools, offering a wide range of benefits to installers and end-users.


- Zones configrable for delay, coincidence, short-circuit alarm, capacitor or resistive end of line
- Fire and fault outputs - volt-free relay or monitored
- Auxiliary power output for ancillary equipment
- 2 configurable inputs for ancillary equipment (e.g. class change, alert, etc.)
- Space for two option modules
- Optional 8-way relay module, common or zonal switching
- Optional 1.5A 4-way sounder module, common or zonal switching
- Battery space for up to 72 hours stand-by
- 2, 4 or 8 zone versions available


  • Dimensions (W x H x D) : 356 mm x 318 mm x 96 mm
  • Weight : 2 kg (without batteries)
  • Supply rating : 230VAC +/- 15%, 50/60Hz, 1.6A
  • Auxiliary output voltage : 18.0 - 28.5 VDC
  • Auxiliary output current : 0.5A maximum
  • Sounder circuit : 0.5A maximum per circuit
  • Sounder circuit total : 1.0A maximum
  • Operating temperature : -5°C to +45°C
  • Non-condensing relative humidity : 5% to 95%
  • IP rating : IP30
  • Optional sounder module may be used with an external power supply to give an additional 1.5A per module
  • Approvals : EN54-13 and Bosec approved CPD number: 0786-CPD-20798



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