2 Zone CO Control Panel KM302

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2 Zone (CO) Carbon Monoxide Control Panel for car parks (Max 15 detectors/zone) KM302 UTC Fire & Security
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KM302 - (CO) Carbon Monoxide Control Panel for Car Parks - 2 Zones UTC Fire & Security

The KM302 is a 2 Zone Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection control panel designed for applications where concentrations of CO may accumulate and needs to be controlled in order to protect lives. The panel is able to accommodate 2 supervised detection zones using KM170 or KMD300 CO detectors.
The panel is compliant with UNE 23-301-88, CE, WEEE and RoHS.

The KM302 may be used in small and medium installations. Any zone may cover as much as 4500 m², leaving this panel the capability to cover up to 9000 m² of floor space. A zone can supply power to and control up to 15 x KM170 or KMD300 CO detectors via a 3-wire bus using 1.5 mm² cable. Installation of these detectors may be in a single line(Class-B) or as a Class-B line with T-Offs and each device is individually monitored.

Indications & Controls
Every zone is supplied with a 3 x 7 segment display that indicates the current CO reading from that zone. General indicators show the current operational status of that zone with alarm and extraction LEDs indicating when the warning and alarm thresholds are reached. General operation LEDs indicate the current overall system status.
Any zone may be turned ON or OFF, placed into test mode or configured from the front panel user interface without affecting the other zone.

Alarm Outputs
Every zone has 3 mains rated potential free relay outputs to control different levels of ventilation or extraction functions:
2 x Extraction/ventilation control relays
1 x General alarm relay
The operation of these relays is determined by configurable level and mode settings.

Power supply
The KM302 has a built in 230 VAC power supply. Should battery backup of the system be required, and external 12 VDC power source is supported.


- Elegant design
- 2 Supervised CO detection zone
- Easy to install and to use
- Language customisation using language inserts
- Clear and accurate display of CO levels per zone
- Up to 15 detectors per zone
- Fast response times
- Extraction and alarm outputs per zone
- Supervision of all CO detectors and zones
- Using surface mount technology with low current consumption
- Compatible with KM170 and KMD300 CO detectors
- UNE 23300:1984, CE, WEEE and RoHS compliant
- External and internal power supply support