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VE1012 - Détecteur de mouvement PIR à Technologie V²E, 12 m, DSP, 9 rideaux UTC Fire & Security  12 m volumetric Vector PIR Motion Sensor V2E TechnologyVE1012 - Détecteur de mouvement PIR à Technologie V²E, 12 m, DSP, 9 rideaux UTC Fire & Security 12 m volumetric Vector PIR Motion Sensor V2E Technology

12 m volumetric Vector PIR Motion Sensor V2E Technology VE1012

12 m volumetric Vector PIR Motion Sensor V©E Technology VE1012 UTC Fire & Security

VE1012 - 12 m volumetric Vector PIR Motion Sensor UTC Fire & Security

The power of mirror
Our motion sensors have the most advanced and sophisticated optics in the security industry. This unique optical mirror technology is a step and gliding focus, which creates a continuous curtain resulting in a sensor that never loses track of the object.
To increase detection coverage, the 1000 series sensors use the 3Brid orthogonal curtain design.
This is a horizontal mirror structure that produces curtains with vertical orientation to detect infrared.
This orthogonal invention is the key in adding curtains to the mirror without sacrificing signal strength, nor increasing the size of the sensor.

Patented Vector pyro
Infrared signals are captured by the pyro-electric sensor that is placed in the detectors' focal point.
The conventional pyro generates a one-dimensional signal (value) to detect the presence of a source, and therefore its detection probability within the area is entirely determined by the resolution of the optics of the motion detector.
Due to the unique construction of the patented Vector pyro, a thermal source will generate a multi-dimensional signal (vector), allowing the pyro to determine not only the presence but also the direction of motion of a thermal source. This now means that the detection probability is equal to the product of the resolution of the optics and the multi-dimensional output of the pyro. This is a major advance in PIR technology capability.

V2E signal processing
The VE series of motion detectors incorporate a patented Vector Verified Enhanced (V2E) signal processing. Each type of signal source will generate a unique vector output captured by the Vector pyro.
The digital signal processing will analyze each vector's shape and pattern, allowing it to distinguish different signal sources. It means that VE series motion sensors will not only identify non-thermal signal sources, but also filter out any potential nuisance signals such as stationary thermal sources, ventilators or strong light sources, and react only to alarm signals from intruders. Our PIR motion sensor with vector pattern recognition is unique.

Easy to install
PIRs of the 1000 series are the most rewarding sensors to install:
1. Tolerate wall angle deviation and different mounting heights.
2. Limited loss of coverage when objects are placed in the field of vision.
3. No range setting is required thanks to constant range sensitivity.
4. Plug-in electronics.

Complete family
The 1000 series are part of our range of motion sensors. This family includes motion sensors with variants in housing size, detection range, anti-masking, dual detection technology, addressable interfacing, wireless transmission and more. This range covers all applications where security needs to be safeguarded.
The consistent family aesthetics between the various models ensure a professional approach when installing different sensor types.


- Passive Infra Red motion sensor
- 3-Brid Gliding Focus Curtain mirror
- Plug-in electronics
- Sealed optics
- ''V2E'' signal processing for false alarm immunity
- Cloak and umbrella immunity
- Full under crawl detection
- Selectable coverage pattern using mirror masks
- Auto focus with constant range sensitivity
- No adjustment required for different mounting heights
- Tolerates wall angle deviation
- EN50131-2-2 Grade 2 certified
- Several European approvals


  • Detection range : 12m (40 ft)
  • Undercrawl protection : Yes
  • Sensitivity : Normal / High
  • Coverage field of view : 86© with 9 curtains
  • Coverage pattern selection : Curtain labels
  • Mounting height : 1.8 to 3.0 m (6 to 10 ft)
  • Power supply : 9 to 15 VDC
  • Current consumption (nom.) : 4.4 mA
  • Alarm relay (voltage free) : NC when energised
  • Tamper relay (voltage free) : NC when cover closed
  • Remote control lines : Walk test
  • Alarm memory : No
  • PIR signal processing : V2E
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) : 108 x 60 x 46 mm
  • Ambient conditions : -10 to +55°C (14 to 130©F); 95% relative humidity
  • Pry-off tamper : Optional
  • EN50131-2-2 : Grade 2


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