Systeme de Regulation Automatique de Ventilation 4A GVL8304K

Système de Régulation Automatique de Ventilation, boitier plastique IP30 4A GVL8304K D+H
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GVL8304-K - 4A Ventilation Control Panel D+H

The GVL 8304-K ventilation control panel is especially designed for use in separate rooms or conservatories. A wide variety of functions can be added using D+H accessories, e.g. weather automatic and room temperature control. It is possible to connect several ventilation control panels in order to enable central switching, e.g. closing in case of wind or rain or time-controlled ventilation.


- Compact design
- for 4 A actuating current in one group
- plastic housing, surface type, protective system IP 30
- ventilation safety function (deadman’s principle OPEN/CLOSED), can be firmly encoded
- entry for external control, e.g. timer
- possibility of connecting rain detector or wind/rain detector without supplementary module
- possibility of central weather monitoring (central CLOSED) in conjunction with several GVL 8304-K
- vent buttons, window drives, weather sensors and room temperature controllers available as accessories from D+H


  • Power supply : 230 VAC/50 Hz, 160 VA
  • Output : 24VDC, max 4A
  • Class of rating : Short-time duty, 20% ED
  • Protective system : IP50
  • Range of temperature : -5°C to +40°C
  • Housing : Plastic
  • Color : RAL 7035, light grey
  • Weight : 2 kg
  • Dimensions : 170 x 135 x 85 mm